May 18, 2007

WHAT A DAY.............

Here is how I spent my day
Our subdivision had a group garage sale,
if it wasn't for my Aija Goto's RPM socks I think I would have jumped
into our Lake.
Or I could have been driving around town in my new
Volvo S50. Although with the way gas prices are I didn't mind staying home.


Kathy said...

oooouuuuu!! Nice car! Nice garage sale! Nice Sock!

Do you know who "Lucy" is, by the way?

I think that will be my next sock pattern, but a different color - I don't have Lucy. Is it a fun knit?

bobbi said...

Kathy, no I don't know who "lucy" is.
Or I don't think I do.
the sock pattern is a fun knit.
is this the proper way to answer your questions?