Sep 8, 2008

OK I GIVE IN.............................

Well I can't find my knitting journal so i decided to blog . It's been a very long time.
i've been knitting lots and lots and not blogging or entering it into my journal.
Why I don't know, don't ask.
Today I'm starting another pair of wool socks for my DH.
He has been asking for another pair ever since I finished his last pair, Which
happens to be the last entry into my blog. I titled it "finished" not realizing that
I was also finished wanting to blog.
But being a women, i'm entitled to change my mind.
So today i'm entering again, will I keep it up? Don't know, time will tell.
I'm using one of my fav. yarns, Cascade 220. Two hanks of a pretty blue
color 8339 lot 9670.
The pattern will be the same as the last pair, the gray pair.
Welcome back, Bobbi