Oct 24, 2007

ONLY A PHOTO POST...............

Whenever I pass the restaurant that has this Red Tree out in front, I go " Wow, isn't that pretty",
I just wanted to share.
Of course it's much prettier in person. Anyone interested, I'll give you the address.

Oct 22, 2007


Here are my october socks. They don't look like socks you say, well you are correct.
i've started them 4 times and ripped them each time.

So I decided to put them aside and knit some purses.

there is no ripping, no swearing, no throwing anything, just calm knit, knit, knit.
I use Cascade 220 along with an eyelash yarn. If you read my blog you might have seen this purse before.
I don't use a purse so they will make nice gifts, or a bazaar sale. I've tried ETSY, but don't have much luck selling there.
I really think you need to see this purse in person, they are so cute.
I do plan on going back to the socks, Roza's Socks, but not for a while. A long while. LOL!!
happy knitting to you all!