Jun 30, 2009

blog day

i spent time reading all the blogs on my favorite blog list. it's ok if i'm not on yours, i'll read yours anyway.
tonight i'm off to the library for "knit night". it's a nice group of gals, and i live just across the street from the library.

can u read backwards? what a beautiful book by Nicky epstein.

Jun 12, 2009

HERE THEY ARE...........

As promised here are some pictures of things i've knitted while not blogging.
I'm good at ripping out, and here i did it again. i tried frogging and lost my patients. this will soon just be a ball of yarn.
do not fret, i will reknit them into beautiful socks.

This is a shawl using Malabrigo merino worsted weight yarn. it was a kit that i won as a door prize at "Stitches" in 2007.
it took forever weaving in the loose ends. when i wear it, which i love doing cause it's so cozy, not many people comment.
I love wearing it to play poker up at potawatomi casino in milwaukee, wi. cause it's always so cold in the room.

A few knitted bowls, so much fun to knit these.

Jun 11, 2009




look at the date and no post for almost a month.
i guess it really doesn't matter much seeing i get so few
visitors anyway. what make a site get so many followers and
what makes a blog site get so few. that's an easy one. my site must be BORING people to tears.
isn't that interesting?

i guess that just gives me more time too knit, less comments to read and
i entertain myself all the time. I'm my best blog site reader for sure.