Jun 30, 2009

blog day

i spent time reading all the blogs on my favorite blog list. it's ok if i'm not on yours, i'll read yours anyway.
tonight i'm off to the library for "knit night". it's a nice group of gals, and i live just across the street from the library.

can u read backwards? what a beautiful book by Nicky epstein.


Mags said...

Lucky you off to "knit night" and living so close to the library.
Enjoy and happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lucky you living so close to the library and also having your knitting group there.

Thanks for reading my blog (I read yours too). Oh! Your photo is beautiful!

Jackie said...

enjoy your knit-out ! show us some of the things that u do there, K!

Jennifer said...

Oh, how I would love to live across the street from a library!! And knitting too, eh? I'd say you have it made.

Dawn said...

After a few groups fell apart on me I'm finally happy with my library group too!! Isn't it great to get together with gals who love fiber as much as we do? ;O)

We have a yarn swap a couple of times a year too, it's a blast! This is by far the best bunch of ladies I've met up with (and they seem to be the most dedicated to keeping our meetings going!). Hope you had a great time! :)

Kathy... said...

Aren't knitting groups fun! I have a small group that started almost 2 years ago now. We have grown quite a bit, and I really look forward to our weekly meetings. We meet in a coffee house, however. With dangerous muffins and other sinful goodies!!!! A library would be much healthier.

btw, hope your husband is getting along ok.