Jul 3, 2009

R and R trip

this is the view from our room where my DH spent most of the time. He just wanted to chill.

And here is a picture of where i spent most of my time and lots of money. It's a casino, the Diamond Jo. it used to be a boat now it's a very nice new stand alone building. But still on the river.

I did do a little knitting until i started seeing specks then i figured it was time to stop. this is what i was knitting, it's another pair of "Carl's Cable Socks" using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and size 2 DPN. I've made two a couple of years ago and just love them.

Since AT & T upgraded service I'm not having any problems, as i have in the past, Uploading pictures.
Happy Knitting everyone!!!

Jun 30, 2009

blog day

i spent time reading all the blogs on my favorite blog list. it's ok if i'm not on yours, i'll read yours anyway.
tonight i'm off to the library for "knit night". it's a nice group of gals, and i live just across the street from the library.

can u read backwards? what a beautiful book by Nicky epstein.

Jun 12, 2009

HERE THEY ARE...........

As promised here are some pictures of things i've knitted while not blogging.
I'm good at ripping out, and here i did it again. i tried frogging and lost my patients. this will soon just be a ball of yarn.
do not fret, i will reknit them into beautiful socks.

This is a shawl using Malabrigo merino worsted weight yarn. it was a kit that i won as a door prize at "Stitches" in 2007.
it took forever weaving in the loose ends. when i wear it, which i love doing cause it's so cozy, not many people comment.
I love wearing it to play poker up at potawatomi casino in milwaukee, wi. cause it's always so cold in the room.

A few knitted bowls, so much fun to knit these.

Jun 11, 2009




look at the date and no post for almost a month.
i guess it really doesn't matter much seeing i get so few
visitors anyway. what make a site get so many followers and
what makes a blog site get so few. that's an easy one. my site must be BORING people to tears.
isn't that interesting?

i guess that just gives me more time too knit, less comments to read and
i entertain myself all the time. I'm my best blog site reader for sure.

May 25, 2009

So where are the pics?

Can't believe it's been almost a month and still no pictures. it's because when i try and upload a picture form my digital camera i have so much trouble and sometimes it takes 20 or so minutes and even then no go. when i use photo booth, no problem at all but so hard to get a good shot.
However, i'm going to do it soon, i promise.
happy knitting.

this is what i'm working on now. a banky for someone special. photo taken using photo booth.

Apr 29, 2009



Apr 19, 2009

RAINY DAY...........

So i'm off to the Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a little poker playing.
i know this has nothing to do with knitting, but i thought i'd mention it anyway.
I'm going to gather up some of the things i've knitted while i was away from blogging. Mostly socks, (of course)
so if your interested come on back in a few days to see.

Apr 16, 2009


One of the reasons I'm glad to be back to blogging is the fact that blogging is a wonderful way to journal your knitting project.
this pair i found so easy, yes, I did do some swearing do to many mistakes. But that's just me.
The first sock of the pair was finished Feb.21,2009. The reason I remember that is cause that is the day my husband said he was going out for the mail. I said wait let me show you the sock. So I have the finished sock on on foot and the other foot has a different sock on and that is how i spent that evening in the hospital. Cause.................

It was snowing that day, so i followed my husband after a few minutes to make sure he wasn't shoveling. Well yes he did try to shovel and had a heart attack. called 911 and a day later he had open heart surgery. 6 by-pass, yes I did say 6, and a new valve.
And that is the reason it took so long for the other sock to get done.
My husband is recovering nicely, Lucky man to say the least.
The pattern is an easy one. Kaffe Fassett Socks i found on the internet. I used 2 skeins of Regia 4-fach haltbar in crazy color.
I used size 2 DPN's.
Now i'm starting another pair same pattern different color yarn.

Apr 15, 2009

July 17, 2007..........

That was the date that I bought this book. I just love knit toys and I thought these dolls were so very cute..
So did I knit any dolls yet? Of course I didn't. What is my excuse? I don't have one.
Hopefully one of these days i'll finish the socks that I have on needles and start these cute dolls.
You know I'll post a picture if and when that day ever comes.
Stay tuned.
I just wanted to post a better picture of the nice gift i received from my friend Jackie.
It's a real nice, as you can see, purse by PERLLINI. I'm putting it to good use, and enjoying it very much.
Again, a big thank you to Jackie.
The other picture was taken using photo booth a mac application.

Apr 14, 2009

It's been so long...................

since i've posted anything. I'm not sure if i even know how to upload a photo or get anything highlighted, but i'll try and get back into the swing of it.
Knitting has been somewhat horrible, I have 5 pair of socks waiting to be picked up and fixed. Either i dropped stitches while doing a pattern and just can't frog it, or i've dropped so many stitches (pulling out the wrong needle) or something dumb happened.

Anyway there are a few people I miss, and you know who you are, so i'm going to blog again, or give it a try.
Jackie, thanks again for your very thoughtful and wonderful gift. I am using it and enjoying it.