May 25, 2009

So where are the pics?

Can't believe it's been almost a month and still no pictures. it's because when i try and upload a picture form my digital camera i have so much trouble and sometimes it takes 20 or so minutes and even then no go. when i use photo booth, no problem at all but so hard to get a good shot.
However, i'm going to do it soon, i promise.
happy knitting.

this is what i'm working on now. a banky for someone special. photo taken using photo booth.


Ella said...

Looks AWESOME!!! maybe after school is over we can go shopping for the trim again. i <3 U

Mags said...

Great blankie...that's a lotta knitting! Looks lovely and soft!
Yeah...I know what you mean about the camera/computer...stuff not co-operating, and things taking forever to upload!
Happy knitting.

bobbi said...

i figured out what <3 means. i'm so proud.

Jackie said...

U know there is always someone right here waiting to see your update/pics...late better than NEVER.

Have fun knitting the blankie and playing with the digital camera.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pink blanket! Must be for a baby girl? Are you using a USB card device to upload your photos? (I forgot the actual name but it makes things much easier)

Jeanne said...

Looks nice and soft. Too bad about the camera/computer not cooperating. So frustrating when you have stuff to share.