Sep 8, 2008

OK I GIVE IN.............................

Well I can't find my knitting journal so i decided to blog . It's been a very long time.
i've been knitting lots and lots and not blogging or entering it into my journal.
Why I don't know, don't ask.
Today I'm starting another pair of wool socks for my DH.
He has been asking for another pair ever since I finished his last pair, Which
happens to be the last entry into my blog. I titled it "finished" not realizing that
I was also finished wanting to blog.
But being a women, i'm entitled to change my mind.
So today i'm entering again, will I keep it up? Don't know, time will tell.
I'm using one of my fav. yarns, Cascade 220. Two hanks of a pretty blue
color 8339 lot 9670.
The pattern will be the same as the last pair, the gray pair.
Welcome back, Bobbi


Artseycrafts said...

Welcome back Bobbi! When you finish your DH's socks, be sure to post photos!

JL said...

U dun know how many times i have been here and ended up leaving disappointed cos there isnt any update !!

O, how happy i am to see you blog again..Happy Dancing !!

Mags said...

So glad you're were missed.
I know what you mean about blogging..sometimes you just need a (long) break!!!
Happy knitting, and I hope you'll decide to stay around for a while!!!

I'm busy knitting said...

Welcome back. I stop by every now and then. Voila! you are there.

Mags said...

You must be still sorting out your feelings about blogging!!
Just wanted to say "hi" and thank-you for stopping by my blog.
Take care.
Happy knitting.

Lynne said...

well, yes, welcome back!

JL said...

Meery Christmas to you and your family. Enjoys !!

Jackie said... lastest update .....crying crying

How are you ? It had been since a very long while since your last post, when can we see more of you here ??