May 31, 2007


it shall be a pair of socks. I know I thought it was time for a sweater, or baby booties, or a scarf or back to
my purses. But NO!

While I was in Philly last month I bought some Koigu yarn at a LYS. The yarn is for a Mac and Me pattern for opera gloves that the shop had on display that I liked very much.
I just couldn't decide between two colorways, so I bought them both. One color was #226 (my birthday)
that's why I wanted that color and the other color I just liked.
Just now I made up my mind to knit the sock pattern "Crusoe" by Marilyn A. Roberts, using
Koigu in color #262. I'll make the gloves using the other color,226, some other time.
The question is.....will I ever make the gloves?


Kathy said...

I have never used Koigu. I hear it is wonderful, however! I'll have to go check out that pattern too. So, your b-day is Feb 26th? Mine is 123. Now - Jan 23rd or Dec 3rd??

bobbi said...

Jan 23rd.
Am I smart or what?