May 23, 2007


This is as far as I've gotten with my RPM socks. It's a fun pattern and I'm enjoying watching the pattern grow.
I'm using the yarn called for which is STR medium weight and size U.S. 1 1/2 needle.
It's taking me some time because I am using 5 DPN instead of the circular needles. So as I'm knitting I have to stop and think about what is written in circular language.
Aija Goto was nice enough to help me with the conversion.
As I'm knitting I'm thinking, boy these look tight and small. But I kept knitting not thinking much more about it.
Then I thought maybe I should I try them on.
Oh ya, I felt like the 3 little pig story, I tugged and I tugged and I tugged.
Maybe I should have figured it out when I only casted on 54 sts. that It was the wrong size, the pattern was written for M and L, I choose the M. I didn't think for a minute that I had a size L foot.
So do I keep knitting, or Rip? If I keep knitting, I could give them to one of my grand-daughter E, or R or EM. Or I could keep knitting and tug them on me.
Answer, I'm going to keep knitting.

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Kathy said...

OH NO!!! Well, thanks for the "heads-up". When I get ready to start my pair, I will have to remember that.

Start a "Pick a pair" box. I put all my socks (minus the ones I can't bear to part with" in a box, and give "Pick a pair" certificates to folks at Christmas, b-days, etc. Yep - they get to pick their own pair. People seem to love it, and if a pair is a little off my size, or not a color of my liking...well, it usually gets "picked" by someone eventually. I stopped the practice last year, and had huge complaints - so I know folks really do enjoy it.

So - are you going to tell us who the "mystery" person is from Monday's post????