Aug 19, 2007

Photo booth wonders

I just realized my Mac came with a built-in camera

so taking a quick picture and posting it is so easy
here is an update on my "Cable Rib Socks".
I tried to post it to the KAL in vain. I don't seem to have much luck posting
a picture there or anyother KAL for that matter.
the colorway choice was not a good one for this pattern, really can't see the cable stitch.


MollyBeees said...

Oooo! Great picture and great looking socks!

JL said...

hi sock.

Kathy said...

How convenient! Sock looks great - even with the marled colorway.

What are your ticker's counting down? The right hand side is cut off (with my browser anyway) and I can't see the event's id.

Mags said...

Looks great...happy knitting. (I love blues)

Anonymous said...

How convenient to have a built-in camera in your camera. The socks are looking good!