Aug 2, 2007


So this is what I got yesterday.

After a while it all starts looking alike. I think it's time for a yarn diet.
I know, I'm going to Stitches Midwest next thursday and I'll be staying at the Hyatt and I'll be there till it
ends on Sunday. However, that is not going to count. LOL! I'm going to try and control myself there.
But when I get home, I'm starting my diet, where have i heard that before?
One of my problems, and you won't believe this, my husband doesn't stop me. I know, that's crazy. who whould believe that.
Not only does he make the bed every morning, change the linens every saturday and do the laundry, he doesn't stop me
from buying as much yarn and knitting stuff as i want. He's the best!!
I'm taking a list of the yarn I have on my wish list along with things like refills for my Namaste knitting bag, things like that are must have things. Goodness knows I don't need any needles, have double and triples of most DPN and straight and Circluars.
Of course if there is new stuff there that I don 't have that doesn't count either.
So wish me luck, PLEASE!!!!!!!!


I'm busy knitting said...

I'm glad we don't live near each other...I'd be broke!!LOL
I love that purple you just got.
Have fun and buy lots of stuff. I'll experience it vicariously through you.

Mags said...

Beautiful yarn...wish I had half
your stash!!(Please wipe up the drool I left.)Your colours are lovely especially the purple (yum).Say, isn't it nice to have a great guy!!!

Kathy said...

You can't go on a diet till you try Lisa Souza yarn. can go on a diet!!

Enjoy stitches!

JL said...

Please please do remember to bring your credit cards along...

Lynne said...

email me at and tell me where you shop locally, k?
i plan to make a list of supply requirements for projects i want to do. does that make sense?

Jeanne said...

Thanks for coming by to visit. Wow you're busy with your blogs. Your kitty is a cutie. We have a little calico. Beautiful pictures of your goodies! Will be checking out your other sites. : )

MollyBeees said...

Have fun at Stitches! I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

That is very nice looking yarn,
what are you going to knit with it,
what ever it is it will turn out great.