Aug 25, 2007


this is the before, it was even further along, i was on the foot

this is what it looks like now

I had so much trouble with the yarn, not the pattern, that I just decided that it wasn't worth the
trouble. When I was on the cable row, cause the yarn was so thin and dark in color
and my vision is not the greatest, I was dropping stitches, picking up stitches where they didn't
belong, and I was just getting so frustrated.
So the sock is now a ball of yarn.
How do I feel about it. GOOD! I'm ok with it.
anyone want a couple balls of Lana Grossa Meilemweit Cotton? LOL!!


Jennifer said...

Oh, can I relate.. I just had to frog most of a pair of socks because they were too tight (actually I got my little nephew to do it for me, it was too depressing!) *sigh* Back to the drawing board.

Kathy said...

Life's too short. Knitting - it's all about fun!

Mags said...

Wise decision....
If you hate the yarn you're using knitting the first sox can you imagine trying to force yourself to do the second?????AAAAGGGHHHH

nanaknits said...

That's my greatest fear for the current pair of socks I'm doing!

Anonymous said...

I love the color of the yarn , I would take it off your hands let me know. I have a pair on the needles now that are doomed. Knitting is to fun to keep working on something thats a punishment .

bobbi said...

you like the color,you want the yarn, but you are anonymous so how could i give it to you if i wanted to?