Aug 13, 2007

A GREAT TIME............

Well Stitches Midwest is over and I'm home. I am very happy with the control I used regarding my spending.
I don't know what I spent and don't much care I just hope I use all the yarn I bought.
The picture has a few things I bought, see the pink bag in the upper corner, it's the medium size of the knowknits bag. I have the small one for socks already.
The best part of the event was the two people that I shared the time with. California Carolyn and My niece Ilisa.
I had the most wonderful time.
Last year I had some problems with the food at the Hyatt, spent a day in with a Migraine. This year
I was told that 5 months ago the Hyatt completed a make over to the toon of 65 million dollars and one of the
Things they changed was the restaurant. Now the restaurant is pretty good. We also ate at the Double Tree which
also has a great restaurant. Good food.
I took a few classes one Thursday, one Friday, and one Saturday. All in all the classes were well run and had
Great instructors, however, I thought for me they were a waste of time. I didn't learn anything. I have been knitting
Way too long and knew all that they covered in the class. Oh well, it kept me off the market floor.
The fashion show was great. I won a door prize

A shawl make up of 36 different colors of Malabrigo yarn. Yummy yarn if I have to say so myself.
I bought mostly sock yarn, and a few accessories, some needles too.

This is 100% Extrafine Lambswool in a plum that I picked up for a shawl pattern I bought there. (like I needed another shawl pattern), but you get caught up in the moment and just can't help yourself, or at least I can't.

Koigu for another shawl.

I found this pretty shawl pin just in case I do knit a shawl.

I bought a lot of sock yarn, last year I wasn't into socks, but most of the women there last year were. This year not that many sock knitters.

Some sweet Soft Touch Ultra by Shelridge Farm for "Monkey Socks" and Lorna's Laces for "Roza's Socks".

I just noticed how close in color both yarns are. that is what happens when you become overwhelmed at the market.
Now I start my yarn diet.


JL said...

OMG.....tats' plenty to digest!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you got lots of "goodies". I am glad you had such a nice time!

Kathy said...

You made some wonderful purchases, and sounds like you had a great time! Sorry the classes were not more beneficial to you. How was the Toe-up class?

Congrats on the door prize too! It looks beautiful.

Mags said...

Missed you!
Wow...what lovely 'booty'...I am so glad you had a great time. Wish I could have been there.
Did you see Franklin;
Taking pictures of the '1000 knitters'?????? Maybe he got a shot of you???

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had a deilightful time.
Everything is always beter when you are in good company. Ilisa is so awesome and I can't wait to get to spend time with her again.
I think you did a great job controling what you bought at stiches.
Love you

MollyBeees said...

Ummmm! Thanks for the eye candy! Glad you had a great time. I may try to make it next year!

Knitted Gems said...

I love Stitches. I have attended the Stitches East every year for the past several years, following it from King of Prussia, to Atlantic City and now to Baltimore.
You came home with a great stash of goodies. Those Turbo needles are great for knitting on. I'm surprised though that you were able to restrain yourself. The yarn is always so beautiful; it is hard not to buy it all!

Jeanne said...

Oohh you got some serious goodies. Do you find yourself feeling more inspired when you have new stuff to play with? I do. Congrats on the doorprize looks like a good one. And classes too, look forward to seeing what you create.

Jennifer said...

Wow what a haul! Love me a good yarn market :) Lucky you to win a door prize - and Malabrigo to boot. Someday I'll get to a Stitches, East for me though.

nanaknits said...

Wow, From the far north suburbs. I had fun at stitches, too. You weren't the only one who bought a ton of sock yarn. Me and my knitting friend Sherry bought the rest! But seriously, it looks like you chose well. Happy Knitting!