Aug 17, 2007


Yesterday I went downtown Chicago to the American Girl Place with my daughter Tina, and my granddaughter Rachel.
The picture is from 2 years ago when Rachel got her 1st American Girl Doll.

Where is the picture from this trip you ask? Well guess who forgot her camera. Did you guess me? Them you are correct.
I can't believe that, no camera on such an important trip. Oh well! There will be other trips.
I did take a camera when Ellie and I went there a few weeks ago; here is a picture of Ellie at the bean at Chicago Millennium
Park. We had a great time then also.

Rachel had her dolls hair combed back to how it was when new, that was a fun thing to do, going to beauty shop there.
You can also give you doll what is called a spa treatment. We took a pass on that one. I'd show you what Rachel purchased, but remember, NO CAMERA. I'd also show you the giant cup cake she got at Hershey's but NO CAMERA.
The weather couldn't have been better, it was overcast, no fear of getting a migraine from the sun, and the temp was in the low 70ds. What more could you ask for.
We ate outdoors at the Park Grill in Millennium Park, good place to eat and very good food.
All in all we had a wonderful time.
I feel so fortunate to live in a north Chicago Suburb, so close to downtown Chicago. It's just a "TODDLING TOWN".
Now back to Knitting, I'm hoping to get my "Priscilla's Dream Socks" done today.


Iris G said...

Ah the Jellybean...I love Millennium Park too ;-). Rachel looks so sweet and pretty!

Artseycrafts said...

What a fun trip with your grandaughter. She is sooo cute! My son is a graduate of Northwestern, also just a little north of Chicago. He still enjoys visiting Chicago.

I'm busy knitting said...

Isn't the AGirl a great place to visit?? My daughter and I went a few years ago in NYC. Just like a museum. We didn't get to eat there, our trip and reservations didn;t jive.

JL said...

No pictures, sobbing.........

Kathy said...

What fun!! Lovely photos - beautiful "kids" - you too of course!

Mags said...

What a fun day for everyone..too bad you forgot the camera!!
At least the weather was perfect.
Your grand daughter is beautiful.

Lynne said...

yeah, it's my kind of town, too. too bad you forgot the camera. next time, buy a disposable! he he

peaknits said...

I have got to get to that American Girl place one day - my daughter is getting her first one this Christmas - well, she has Bitty Baby but it is time to upgrade:) What a great day you had!

Anonymous said...

love you