Apr 21, 2007

Are you out there?

hello to all my readers
well do you think it's the weather that is causing my headaches, or what?

but I keep on knitting my tabi socks, which are a lilttle boring, but nice to knit.
I'm almost done with the right sock, if i'm doing it correctly is an other story, i'll see shortly.
not sure you can tell much form the pictures, put i'll post them anyway.
today is going to be a beautiful weather day, in the 70's and that is saying a lot for here in il. lately,
so I"m planning on sitting out in the gazebo, and that's right, KNITTING!
I hope my friend Michelle is feeling better, I missed our knitting get together.
well off to the health club now for a little pump class
also, my saturday calls to bros, A & G

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