Apr 29, 2007


It should be no surprise that the new project is a pair of socks. I thought it might be time to try something else. I have so many projects waiting to be knit, the patterns and yarn all nicely packaged. Some of them for years, and what do I choose to knit next, a pair of socks.
the pattern is "Carl's Cable Socks" form KnittingWisdomcom. I've made them before in light blue using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, this time a darker blue that goes so well with jeans.
Today along with knittng, of course, I plan on baking a couple of loafs of bread and spending a lot of time in the gazebo.It's a great place to knit.
Maybe Michelle would like to join me.
Now It's time to get my bod in the shower and get in some Yoga.

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