Jul 15, 2007


I made this purse for Marissa’s friend that is coming to visit her.
I used Cascade 220 along with 2 skeins of TuTu. I attached the handles right to
the purse using US size 6 DPN's.
I hope she likes it as much as I do.
It's always interesting when felting something. You are never sure just how it will come out.
This purse, I think, came out nicely.
Now I can put my full attention to the heel of my
"Priscilla’s Dream Socks". It's something new to me so I'm just following what my cyber friend Kathy
told me to do. Just knit and follow the directions.
Well we shall see how that works.


Kathy said...

Wow! It is very cute. So, I assume you knit with one strand of 220, and one strand of the shaggy yarn held together, right? and then you felted it? Do you not have to worry about the shaggy strands being caught up in the felted fabric?? Sorry if that is a stupid question, obviously I am not a felter. You are, and a good one I might add.

Anonymous said...

What a cute purse! Good luck with your short row heels on the "Dream Socks". I should try again sometime soon.

JL said...

I am sure Marissa's friend will be delighted to have it.

The feeling is wonderful as someone who cares, hand-made gifts.

Learning new skill is great ! Good luck. I am sure u can doit.

Anonymous said...

That purse it GREAT i love the color and style.
I know the sock will turn out great just like all your other ones! :-)