Jul 23, 2007

I WAS OUT TO LUNCH...................

and when I got home I checked the front door and what did I find?!

A beautiful ball of supersocke 100 ON LINE in City-Color along with hand lotion "sweet pea" which was
my gift from the birthday giveaway on julia's blog
and from visiting her blog and seeing what she has in her Future Projects, I just had
to have the book " knitted Babes". Something to add to my future projects.
That's cause my list is getting low. LOL!!

I think the yarn would look just great for (and I hate to say it) "Priscilla's Dream Sock's", I know kathy will get a kick out of that I'm sure.


Kathy said...


JL said...

U lucky girl !

I love the colour of the yarn, i really do !

Anonymous said...

It's always fun to find new yarn in your mailbox, especially when it is a gift.

Lynne said...

now that's some fun mail.
you are from IL and love 100 years of solitude??? SISTAH!!