Sep 21, 2007

Real Red

This is a felted purse. See my toes in the left hand corner
of the picture. The pattern is " The Lucy Bag" by "Two Old Bags" i got the pattern at Stitches Midwest. No not
this last August, the year before. I'm not doing to badly. Just a year!

The yarn i used in Red color, pretty obvious, is Plymouth's Galway.
I don't uses purses, so I'm going to try and sell it in an upcoming bazaar,
or as I've done in the past, give it away to some lucky person.

This picture is a drawing I did one semester for a school project.
I didn't care much for it untill I got an A on it. Then it started looking
better to me so I framed it and it hangs in my dining room. I shot the picture on an
angle to avoid the glare.
The subject had to be of food. Just thought you'd like to see just how talented I am. LOL!!
The picture looks better in person, so if your interested I'll send you my home address.


Jennifer said...

Woo! Almost need sunglasses for viewing that gorgeous bag! And what a lovely drawing - very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Red is my favorite color so naturally I like your bag. The drawing is spectacular!

Kathy said...

Gorgeous bag....yes, very RED! We sell tons of Galway for felting at the shop.

The drawing is gorgeous -- wish I could see it in person! :)

Anonymous said...

i really that drawing and i like were you have it is haning. that purse is very cool too.

nanaknits said...

How funny, I wanted to carry a different purse so I pulled out the felted bag my cousin gave me as a retirement gift. It's the exact same pattern (different yarn). Very nice drawing. I wish I could do that.

MollyBeees said...

Beautiful bag! And the drawing is stunning. Glad you put it up!

JL said...

You are a talented lady !

AmongTheRuins said...

Wow, that's a beautiful drawing!! You ARE so talented Bobbi!!

AmongTheRuins said...

Wow, that's a beautiful drawing!! You ARE so talented Bobbi!!