Sep 3, 2007


What do you think; do I have enough yarn to make a few cloths?
With the help of so many nice bloggers that belong to the monthlydishcloth KAL
I've found some great looking cloths to knit.

I have given one away and have made a couple more to give away.
They are a nice break from knitting Socks, even though I really don't need a break from
Knitting socks, it's nice to have something else on the needles.
So I'm off to choose a pattern and start another cloth.
Happy Knitting!!


Anonymous said...

I will be looking for your new dish cloth. Which pattern did you choose?

Jennifer said...

Great dishcloth stash! Love that green one. Don't forget to check out knitting pattern central dot com - they have a zillion dishcloth patterns.

Kathy said...

Great little stash you have there....

Mags said...

Nice yarn assortment...I love knitting a dishcloth now and again.
Happy knitting.

JL said...

Another stash ??

a friend to knit with said...

love to package about 5 together with a pretty ribbon! who doesn't like a dishcloth?
beautiful colors!

Anonymous said...

I like all of the colors,
The cloths seem like a fun thing to make,
enjoy making them