Jun 3, 2007

my other love

Here are a couple of pictures of my work. The rose is done in oil on canvas
The orange also oil on canvas, but framed under glass so the picture didn't come out
that good. A little soft. But the original painting is very sharp.
I love painting flowers and still life.
Unfortunately I don't paint much. My youngest grand daughter has
Allergies and can't breath when near the paint.
So I have to find a workshop or sign up for classes at our local college.
Or not paint at all which is the way it's been lately.


Anonymous said...

Your paintings are very beautiful! Try Winsor Artisan oils which are water soluable (no turpentine or mediums required). I had the same problem as your grandaughter with regular oil paint until I switched.

bobbi said...

Shirley, thank you for the suggestion. I'll give that a try and do it slowly to see how she handles it.

Kathy said...

OH!! When I saw your paintings this morning, I was going to mention them to Shirley. I am glad you two have "met"!!! They are beautiful, btw. Be sure to visit Shirley's blog and look at her beautiful painints, and those of her son.

AmongTheRuins said...

Ooh I found it!! This is gorgeous!! Maybe someday I'll try again to learn to paint. Or maybe i'll just leave it to people like you!!