Nov 9, 2010

more yarn.............

well did i listen to me when i said "no more yarn" i guess not.
last month i was up in michigan, boy was the color change beautiful, went up for R and R and just got lucky with the colors.
long story short, found a wonderful heavenly LYS in Petoskey. fell in love with this shop along with some must have patterns and yarn. Berroco and i have a love affair going.
So now my yarn stash has some new, many, many new friends to hang with.
working on a pair of socks from the book " favorite socks" the book we all own. going slowly cause of my hands, but going never the less.
the yarn i bought is berroco's vintage for a sweater in their vintage family book along with some berroco comfort yarn for an afghan pattern i found on line.
I promise if i ever knit it i will post a picture.
blogging mostly for me is my journal cause nobody reads my blog.
Oh and by the way, i registered yesterday for an oil painting class at CLC the local community college here in town. i'm looking forward to getting a brush back in my hand.
happy knitting to all my blogger friends.


Kathy... said...

I have been thinking about buying some "Vintage" yarn also! It is gorgeous and comes in such beautiful colors! You'll have to let me know how well it wears.

Good to hear from you, btw!

Oiyi said...

Berroco Vintage is a very nice yarn. I bought some for a sweater a while ago. Plenty of colors and affordable.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it.